Running Effective Loyalty Programs for F&B

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In order to create an effective loyalty program for the F&B sector, providing the right incentive to the customers which makes them come back to a particular brand is imperative. Who doesn’t like free goodies or a complimentary beverage with their meal?F&B loyalty programs are slightly different from the loyalty programs in other industries.While a successful F&B loyalty program must be integrated with the brand’s character, it should have the ability to effectively target users and accommodate their individual needs at all times. When someone chooses what to eat, they are likely thinking with their belly as much as with their wallet, so make sure you reward them in a way that makes the entire experience worthwhile and they keep coming back to you for more!

How to create an effective F&B loyalty program:

  • SET YOUR OBJECTIVE: First and foremost, understand the objective behind launching an F&B loyalty program and make your objectives as specific as possible. Understand what is it that you are trying to achieve? Is it to acquire new customers, increase the average spend per customer or to increase the recurring visits from existing customers?? Once you have set your objectives in place, it allows you to follow a direction and help you measure the success of your loyalty program much more effectively.

  • MAKE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE YOUR PRIORITY: Devise multiple ways in which the customers can earn and not restrict it to just incentivising them through purchase. Give your customers options to choose from so that they can pick the rewards they want from a wide range of alternatives.

  • USE AN OMNICHANNEL APPROACH: If you were to think about one the most popular F&B loyalty programs currently in the market, it will be difficult to not have Starbucks on the top of your head. Starbucks has enabled customers to keep track of their gift card balance, points, and mobile orders, not just through their website but also in-store and via the mobile app, which is the most popular in use. This omnichannel approach not only attracts customers but also encourages them at many levels. They can earn birthday rewards, free in-store refills and many other perks. Hence, using an omnichannel approach is the key.

  • OFFER DISTINCTIVE FEATURES: Incentivise your customers through interactions such as for registering to the app, or for placing an order through the app. Create milestones where you can reward the customers for growing from milestone 1 to 2. Reward them for referrals and give them access to early bird offers. All these methods not only increase engagement but you will also witness a surge in the number of loyal customers. And as they say, “Loyal customers are the brand’s best advocates.”

Your loyalty program should not only be in alignment with your brand values but it should also have a point of differentiation that keeps your customers wanting for more.

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