5 Strategies for Building an Omnichannel Loyalty Program

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Omnichannel Loyalty Program

What are you doing in a world of choices and multiple options to keep your customers coming back for more? You’d say we are running a loyalty program. That’s fantastic, but is your loyalty program optimized to meet your customers’ current needs? Does your loyalty program have all the tools you need to keep your customers engaged? Is your loyalty program optimized for different channels, such as online and in-store? What are you lacking? 

It is an Omnichannel Loyalty Program

But how is this different from what we already provide our customers with? 

An omnichannel loyalty program allows customers the premium of convenience, personalization, and even entertainment within their shopping journey. A loyalty program such as this delivers tailored and captivating experiences across various touchpoints, and businesses can elevate customer engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction. In return, this yields enhanced customer lifetime value and business expansion. 

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Seamless Integration: A Frictionless Journey

The first step to success in an omnichannel loyalty program is seamlessly integrating online, mobile, and in-store channels, facilitating customers’ effortless transition between channels. With this integration, customers can locate the physical store while keeping their online cart intact. Such an implementation requires dedicated effort to ensure smooth and consistent data flow across all channels, enabling precise point tracking and real-time updates. This results in a unified experience, further enhancing customer engagement and loyalty. 

Take, for instance, Sephora’s Beauty Insider program, which symbolizes a successful omnichannel experience. The program tracks loyalty points, extends rewards, and delivers personalized recommendations across diverse channels, including in-store interactions and mobile devices. Sephora acknowledges the significance of creating a hassle-free shopping experience for its customers. 

Personalization at Scale: Knowing Your Best Customers 

The period of generic messages is far gone. In today’s marketing world, modern customers urge for modern ways of communication that resonate with their preferences. Omnichannel loyalty programs allow businesses to communicate through customer data, personalized rewards, and communication strategies that leave a lasting impression. 

Consider a loyalty program that offers product recommendations based on customers’ past purchases or extends birthday discounts. Here, data analytics emerges as a potent tool. Brands can delve into customer purchasing patterns, browsing behavior, and demographics to run targeted programs that resonate with each customer’s unique preferences.

Ulta Beauty Rewards offers a great example. Leveraging customer data, their beauty profiles create personalized product suggestions and rewards, affording a shopping experience akin to having a personal stylist. This approach helped them gain customer satisfaction and loyalty, fueling amplified sales and revenue for the brand.

Flexible Redemption Options: Cater to Diverse Preferences 

If you are a brand still rewarding all its customers like one, you are likelier to lose them than gain their confidence. Here’s why. 

Every customer is unique, with different needs and preferences. An omnichannel loyalty program recognizes this and allows your customers the flexibility to utilize their hard-earned rewards in ways that align with their desires. 

The possibilities are boundless, from in-store discounts and early access to converting points for coupons. Tiered systems add a layer of excitement to the process. At each level, the redemption option varies, allowing customers to earn more and burn more. 

Starbucks Rewards is the perfect example here. Its points-based system empowers customers to unlock complimentary food, beverages, and even merchandise, presenting diverse options to cater to every craving. Consequently, customers remain engrossed and enthusiastic about redeeming their rewards.

Omnichannel Customer Engagement: Keeping the Conversation Going 

Loyalty programs are tools to build a relationship with customers and the brand. With an omnichannel program, these connections can be grown further, fostering a sense of community and ensuring the brand remains at the forefront of customers’ minds. 

Tools such as personalized email campaigns, exclusive app deals, and social media contests allow effective and ongoing conversations between the brand and its advocates. Marriott Bonvoy is an exemplary example of a successful loyalty program. They leverage social media platforms to showcase their members’ adventures, host interactive contests, and extend exclusive perks for their members. This multifaceted approach fuels engagement and cultivates a loyal customer base for the brand. 

Data-Driven Insights: Measuring Success and Optimizing for Growth 

Data is the core foundation of an omnichannel loyalty program; by constantly tracking key metrics such as point accrual, redemption rates, and customer engagement, brands have access to invaluable insights into their program’s efficiency. Other metrics like point participation, customer acquisition costs, customer lifetime value, and retention rates are pivotal barometers in analyzing the brand’s performance. These metrics aid the brand in tuning its program to deliver tangible value to customers. 

Amazon Prime is a paragon in this regard. The brand analyzes customer data to refine its program offerings. This data-driven approach ensures that Prime membership retains customers. By harnessing the potency of data, Amazon stands as a leading example in creating a maximum value proposition for its customers. 

Building Loyalty for Future 

Omnichannel loyalty programs are the future of customer loyalty, engagement, and satisfaction. As the saying goes, a satisfied customer is five times more valuable than a one-done customer. By embracing omnichannel loyalty program offerings such as seamless integration, scaling personalization, affording flexible redemption options, deploying omnichannel engagement strategies, and deriving actionable insights from data, your brand can forge enduring customer relationships. 

Remember, loyalty isn’t a static destination but an ongoing journey. As customer expectations evolve, so too should your loyalty program. With Unifynd, you can craft a loyalty initiative that endures the test of time by harnessing the power of data and nurturing a seamless, personalized customer experience.

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