Driving Innovation: An Inspiring Conversation with CEO Anish Jain

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Conversation with CEO of Unifynd, Anish Jain

In recent years of dramatic socio-economic change and innovation, it has become more than necessary for companies to attract, retain and engage customers. It is common knowledge that acquiring new customers is five times more expensive than retaining existing ones. Technological advancements brought together a group of young minds with fresh ideas that laid the foundation for Unifynd. At Unifynd, we provide technology that supports customer loyalty programs.

The key to successful leadership today is influence, 

not authority.

—Kenneth Blanchard

With over 13 years of experience in advertising, fashion, education, and social technology development, our co-founder and CEO Anish Jain has built a company focused on developing integrated, user-centric technology products.

Come take a look at our CEO’s journey, his vision, ideas, and more.

In conversation with the CEO

Leaders are not only those who lead but also those who show the way. In my quest to learn more about Unifynd, I also wanted to learn more about its leadership. Their story, their perspective on building something they are so passionate about. Because where there is passion, there is creation!

For a business to grow, you have to know what your goals are, what your mission is, and what the right USP is. Unifynd does offer services to build a loyal customer base for its clients, but when asked why he started the company in the first place, Anish replied:

“Unifynd was conceived to solve customer experience problems in modern retail. People don’t shop online or offline anymore, they just shop! A lot of tools retailers use are either meant for their online audience OR their offline audience. We intend to present a single view of a customer where the touchpoints they engage with may be physical or digital.” 

Unifynd is tailored to meet the needs of various industries such as retail, hospitality, financial services, food and beverage, apparel and fashion, and more. With such diversity and rapidly changing market trends, customer loyalty programs need to keep up with the times. When asked about innovation and adaptability, Anish highlighted:

“Our thesis is that customers have evolved beyond converting points into gift cards – something that all loyalty programs focus on. We are moving toward an experience- and service-oriented worldview. People value time, convenience, and comfort as much as they value discounts. Our approach to loyalty strikes a balance between the experiential and transactional aspects of loyalty.

We started in 2016 with three people and now have a team of 80 enthusiastic professionals. Over the years, Unifynd has gone through tough times during the pandemic, and now we stand strong because of everyone’s dedication. One of Unifynd’s greatest strengths is:

A flexible outlook. It becomes really easy to turn into a luddite, especially when part of a technology company. We’ve always insisted that every member of team Unifynd stay true to the vision of the organization while retaining flexibility in their thought process.” 

Great teamwork impacts every aspect of a business. It goes unnoticed. That’s what sets Unifynd apart, according to Anish.

“Unifynd differentiates itself on the basis of the support we provide. Loyalty is a journey and we provide constant loyalty program support and intelligence at each step of the way. Our Loyalty Success team makes sure to help our merchants with not just technical support but also loyalty program-related insights. Our team has helped create the loyalty logic which a host of our partner merchants have used as jumping-off points to create a final version that has been implemented. Our team constantly assists when it comes to campaign management and making sure that all the features are being utilized to unlock maximum value by our partner merchants and their end customers.”

With a mission to revolutionize the industry with a customer-centric approach that fuels their dynamic and creative spirit, Unifynd marches forward making significant strides in understanding the needs and wants of their customers and paving the way for greater heights. When asked about the next step, Anish replied:

“We have taken steps to make our product extremely easy to integrate and deploy. We have also made significant progress when it comes to making the entire suite more cost-effective to subdue any barriers to entry. Outside of these, we’ve accounted for a lot of experiences which millennials and Gen Z respond to make the programs we power more fun and exciting to use.” 

It is true that effective leadership goes beyond simply holding a position of authority. It involves inspiring and influencing others to work towards a shared vision, leveraging their strengths, and creating an environment that encourages growth and innovation. At Unifynd, we are grateful to be learning and growing under such leadership.