Tech and Teamwork: An Inspiring Conversation with COO Avi Jain

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Conversation with Avi Jain, COO & Co-founder

In today’s digital world, loyalty programs have taken on a whole new significance. They have revolutionized the way businesses attract, retain, and engage with their customers. As markets continue to evolve at a rapid pace, the ability of loyalty programs to adapt and innovate becomes paramount to their success.

Welcome to an interesting conversation with Avi Jain, the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Unifynd. 

A Conversation with Avi Jain

Leadership and entrepreneurship, two distinct yet complementary traits, are at the heart of our discussion. Avi Jain, a young leader with a remarkable journey, shares his experiences, struggles, and the victories he cherishes. 

Q: What sparked your passion for technology and entrepreneurship? Were there any specific experiences or events that influenced your career path?

I started at Media.net as a business development specialist when I was just 20 years old. In that role, I was responsible for onboarding and managing relationships with publishers all around the world. I helped them monetize their ad space. During my time at Media.net, my interest in product development started to take root.

I discovered various aspects of product development when I took on the role of a product manager and developed a white-label school app. Throughout this journey, I found myself playing multiple roles – from being a product manager to taking on the hat of a designer, and even stepping into the shoes of a tester. This experience helped me understand the intricate nuances of creating and refining a product from scratch. 

Before taking on the mantle of a Co-founder and COO, I specialized in developing technology for businesses and aiding them in their digital transformation. Eventually, I identified the scope of technological advancements that needed to be developed. This led to a close collaboration with my co-founders, where we envisioned a comprehensive platform that would help businesses manage their entire customer lifecycle. 

Q: How does Unifynd stand out from other companies in terms of innovation and adapting to changing market trends and customer preferences? 

Ensuring the innovation and adaptability of our product is crucial for us to stay competitive in the market. We consistently keep track of changing market trends and closely follow our customers’ preferences. Through market research and competitor analysis, we identify emerging trends and customer demands, allowing us to incorporate relevant features into our product.

We regularly hold brainstorming sessions and collaborate closely with our customer success, product, and engineering team to keep the creative ideas flowing. Additionally, we engage with our merchant partners, seeking their feedback and suggestions for product improvements. This collaborative approach ensures that our offering remains fresh, relevant, and adaptable to the evolving needs of our customers.

Q: Collaboration is essential in any organization. How do you effectively collaborate horizontally and vertically with various teams at Unifynd to ensure on-time delivery, stability, and scalability of products?

I emphasize the importance of having a dedicated team that works collectively towards a shared objective. “In times of challenges, everyone steps up to contribute and address issues, irrespective of their team designation. This remarkable ownership fosters an environment of unity and resilience.”

Facing setbacks is an inevitable part of our business journey, and we approach them with a growth mindset. We must view setbacks as learning opportunities and strive to understand the underlying causes. This way, we can take corrective action and prevent similar problems from occurring in the future.

We also believe in maintaining open communication with our customers during difficult times. This fosters trust and allows us to work together to find solutions. Admitting mistakes, taking responsibility, and showing resilience are crucial aspects of dealing with setbacks. We’ve learned valuable lessons from these experiences that make us more adaptable and better equipped to master future challenges.

Q: Could you elaborate on how you assist your customers in implementing and managing loyalty programs through your software? Do you offer training and customer support as part of your services?

Supporting our merchant partners in implementing and managing their loyalty programs is a paramount concern for us. We go the extra mile by offering thorough training sessions to our clients, ensuring they have a solid understanding of our software’s features and functionalities. This empowers them to make the most of our loyalty program tools and achieve exceptional outcomes.

Moreover, we’ve put together a dedicated customer success team that’s always ready to help our merchants with any questions or challenges they might face during both the implementation phase and the ongoing management of their loyalty programs. Our commitment to timely assistance ensures that we’re by their side to quickly address and resolve any issues that arise, contributing to a seamless experience.

Q: Could you share a glimpse of Unifynd’s vision for the future of loyalty programs?

At Unifynd, our vision is to create a world where loyalty programs aren’t just about rewards, but about building lasting relationships. We see a future where brands anticipate customer needs, surprise and delight them with tailored experiences and make each interaction count. This vision is underpinned by our commitment to ethical data usage and innovation that enhances both customer and business value. The journey ahead is exciting, and we’re thrilled to be at the forefront of this transformation.

Q: To wrap up, could you share any personal mantras or guiding principles that you live by? 

One of my core guiding principles revolves around prioritizing customer satisfaction and success. This principle profoundly shapes my decision-making process. I hold a strong conviction that by putting our efforts into delivering outstanding value and exceptional customer experiences, everything else naturally aligns. This customer-centric mindset fuels our dedication to consistently enhance our products and services, ensuring they not only meet but exceed the needs and expectations of our clients.


Unifynd‘s unique approach to loyalty programs is making a significant impact in a world where consumer expectations are constantly increasing. Led by Avi Jain, the company is taking a revolutionary approach to customer engagement by combining technology and personal connections. Our aim is to deliver unforgettable experiences.