Chennai mall launches app for some post-lockdown retail therapy

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Shopping in times of Covid

Phoenix MarketCity and Palladium, Chennai, has come up with an app to help visitors maintain social distancing, high sanitation standards and personal safety after the lockdown.

​Nhance by Phoenix

Nhance helps shoppers find their favourite stores easily and lets them check-in their bags to shop hands-free. Shoppers can earn points on every purchase by scanning their bills and redeem those points to avail personalised discounts on the app.

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Plan ahead

The app has been designed for visitors to plan not just their shopping slots but also pre-book their dining slots at restaurants inside the mall. This ensures that the visitor’s time inside the mall is planned well ahead.

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Contact-less shopping

Against the Covid-19 outbreak, the app will also enable visitors to do contactless shopping with a smartphone.

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Contact tracing

It will be mandatory to log on to the ‘Nhance’ app while entering and exiting the mall and make it easy for the management to do contact tracing if visitors fall sick later.

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