Turning Buildings
Into Communities
Connected communities. Smart management.

From facilities to visitor management, Rezy.tech creates a connected community and changes the way you interact with your building.

Rezy.tech is a full suite online communication and society management system built for residential communities.

The Rezy.Tech Suite

Rezy.Tech App

An app used by residents for visitor management, raising service requests, online maintenance payments, facility booking, and community networking.

Rezy.Tech Dashboard

An administrative dashboard for managing all residential assets and user data, communications, and maintenance requests from a unified view.

Rezy.Tech Guard

A visitor management app that allows residents and security to manage guests, and be notified about visitors automatically.

Through its suite Rezy.tech provides multiple features to manage all the unique functions of a community.

Community Engagement
For Residents

Get notified about activities and events.

View all scheduled activities on a planner.

For Management

Update residents on upcoming events.

Push notices and announcements.

For Residents

View the community events calendar.

RSVP and book tickets.

Make online payments for bookings.

For Management

Create and manage events.

Manage ticketing for all events.

Raise invoices for bookings.

Get reports on revenue.

For Residents

Pre-authorise guests for entry.

Approve and reject visitors.

E-intercom for visitor access.

For Management

Manage staff access and attendance.

Restrict unauthorized access.

Monitor overall security & incidents.

Community Helpdesk
For Residents

Raise maintenance and support requests.

Access directory of support/emergency contacts.

For Management

Monitor maintenance requests.

Assign maintenance tasks to staff.

Send resolution status alerts to residents.

Amenity Management
For Residents

Check availability and book slots for amenities.

Make online payments for bookings.

For Management

Add new amenities with ease.

Offer booking facility for all amenities.

Raise invoices for bookings.

Get reports on revenue and usage.

Maintenance Billing
For Residents

Receive maintenance payment alerts.

Make online payments for maintenance.

Access and download monthly invoices.

For Management

Generate maintenance bills for all units.

Send overdue alerts.

Access maintenance reports.

Eliminate paperwork.

License and pay for the number of users you have at any given time. With our modular structure, you can buy what your community requires now and add more users as needed.

What’s the Price?

It’s lower than you think. Rezy.tech is designed to fit the needs of your community. Please contact us to calculate the optimal plan for you.

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